Speaking Gigs

Jul 2010

So following up on this tweet about my upcoming international travels, I have to say that there’s only two words to describe my current emotion: surreal & blessed.

At the beginning of the year I set myself the goal of speaking at, at least 3 international conferences. Up until now I’ve spoken at:

I will however soon add the following conferences to this list:

Couple that with the fact that I’ll also be visiting Corfu (Greece), London, Barcelona, Madrid & Lisbon on honeymoon with Jeanne in October and you’ve got yourself a jet setting line-up there.

So I’m being paid to see some amazing cities across the globe and I’ve far exceeded my goal of 3 international conferences, which really is a surreal experience (considering that there are awesome people that want to pay me to hear me speaking). Consider this as a thanks to all of you that have in any way made this possible! :)

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