A Gulf of Difference

Jul 2011

AirBnB just announced a whopping new funding deal worth $112 million. Sheesh. What do you do with $112 million?

I come from a bootstrapped background and I've never been close to seeing anything like that kind of money in my own business (not even on wishful projections or targets), so I have no idea how to spend $112m. If I were given a $112m investment at WooThemes right now, I would honestly not know how to spend it.

And I guess therein lies the difference... I'm co-founder of a very successful business that exceeded 40k paid users over the weekend and we are very profitable (and have been for a while). We don't however operate on the kind of level where a $100m would ever even come into a serious conversation.

Guess I have a lot to "(l)earn" yet...

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