A Meditation on Ambition

Sep 2018

(First published on Instagram.)

My ambition is not a singular state
It is not binary
I don't sometimes have or feel it
And then other times I don't
It is an energetic continuum–
Omnipresent and changing all the time
Sometimes more, sometimes less;
Never the same

My ambition is not just my own
It is a polyamorous relationship with all of universe
I am inspired by others
Just as things outside of me sometimes drain this energy
I co-exist in the greater ether of life
Connection and experiences is what cultivates my ambition
My ambition only exists
Because opportunities and energy exists

My ambition is never just one thing
(Even when my current obsession is laser focused)
It is never just about success
Or money
Or relevance
Or status
It is always about manifesting my highest values
Making something with the truest parts of me
Sharing it openly and widely
Becoming a conduit of energy and new opportunity
Giving more than I have received and taken

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