Behind The Scenes

Dec 2016

My perception is that most people know me due to my two successes: WooThemes and now Conversio.<...>

I also suspect that most people don't know about all of my failures: Maiden League Records, Akkerliefies, The Cellar, Radiiate V1, Lunchbox, Radiiate V2, CFOh!, Radiiate V3 and PublicBeta. This list doesn't even include all of the ideas that were only ever ideas. Or the acquisitions I've explored in the past.

The reason people don't know this, is because we don't know what's happening behind the scenes of others' lives and businesses. We have extreme survivorship bias, where we generally only see the good stuff and we aren't aware of all the other things that another individual or company is experiencing as part of their journeys. We don't know about all of the near-misses, challenges, threats.

Yet we always compare ourselves to our perception of others' journeys.

Read this article I referenced in this episode: "We’ve Made 10 Layoffs. How We Got Here, the Financial Details and How We’re Moving Forward"

Cover artwork by Francis Taylor. Intro & outro music is "Warm Sunny Day" by sunchannelmusic.

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