Domain Trickery

Jan 2011

See the above image? Well, that was from an e-mail, which almost caused me to spend 4x the amount I had to spend to secure a domain that I would've liked (read: not needed).

After the success of The One Percent Project, it has been on our radar to do something similar again in future. So when I browsed my spam box and saw this e-mail from a company "Rescue Domain", I figured that they'd obviously WHOIS'ed my details from the .org equivalent which I already owned and proceeded to sell it to me for $49.

Lucky for me, I actually checked the domain availability with my default domain registrar, before pulling the trigger on this. The domain was available for the standard $9.95 there. Bargain.

Morale of the story: spammers and chancers are very clever. And anything that seems to good to be true, could possibly be better if you did your own research.

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