Ep16 - Amira Alvarez | Reprogramming Yourself for Success

Nov 2020


Amira Alvarez is a mentor and teacher, and founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company that works with ambitious types in all fields who want to take their careers to the next level. In this episode, Adii and Amira discuss reprogramming self perceptions, the power of getting dressed, mapping out your own path, getting off the “hamster wheel,” and building a uniquely personal legacy.

Coaching Entrepreneurs in Application

While she considers herself both a mentor and teacher, Amira resonates most with the word “teacher.” In this role, she works in the context of small or one-on-one group interactions in an effort to create a “lesson for YOU.”

“Coaching is taking the knowledge about how life and business works, helping you understand it, teaching it to you, and coaching you up, so that you’re applying it—it’s not just book learning.”

People get stuck studying, and never actually apply what they’re learning. There is a fear of failure in application. But you must be willing to fail, Amira says, if you want to succeed—otherwise you cannot expand or grow. Amira is coaching people to apply what they learn, and to set aside their fear of failure.

Mapping Your Path

A move from San Francisco to Wisconsin prompted Amira to assess what she wanted to do in life. Eventually she was able to look at what she was good at and came to the conclusion that she would become an “energy strategist.” Which, though she hated the term at the time, meant she would become a coach.  

What started off as a few clients she met at conferences she’d attended, began to grow exponentially each year. By her third year in business, she found herself making six figures, which was her goal—but at the cost of the life she wanted to live.

The big leap happened her fourth year, when she went from 130k to 700k in one year. She had to ask herself the question: why did this work? Since then, she has been teaching people from this perspective; a perspective of the intellectual basis of success.

Replicating a New Identity

“We all have a self image. We all have an identity that we have of ourselves. And that identity is like a set point … our subconscious is programmed to keep us replicating that identity over and over again.”

If your identity is someone who struggles, does not make enough, who does not get what they want, then that identity will continue to be replicated and lived out—as your subconscious has programmed. When you begin transcending that identity, such as by making more money, or becoming a person with abundant love or relationships, your subconscious will attempt to take you back to your target identity.

You must change your idea of who you are, Amira says. If you can do that you have reprogrammed your subconscious to a new level that you can continue to raise.

Unique, Personal Legacy

Amira “downloads” her new goals in “aha” moments that come to her when she’s running, walking, or doing everyday tasks. That’s how she knows what comes next, and from there she just focuses on how to meet those new goals.

As of right now, Amira says, she’s “on the cusp” in terms of legacy. She wants to make an even bigger impact on women in this world, but really she is grateful for each person she is able to impact at any level. The legacy is her next client, she explains: just helping each new person learn and grow, and watching them transform.


The Unstoppable Woman

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