Beware of the False Prophets

Feb 2019

I do not desire a life
Where I am constructed by normality.
I crave a different life,
Something unlike others.

- f.s. yousaf (Euphoria)

They do not necessarily mean you harm; that is not their intention. They are not even wolves in sheep’s skin. In fact, it is likely entirely true that they have shown up and offered to help you; even with a measure of altruism. And it’s also possible that they can help you figure out what’s next, how to get out the hole you’re in or just generally how to feel differently - better - than what you are feeling right now.

But, be careful.

These prophets often show up in the form of experts, gurus or thought leaders. Sometimes it’s not even meetings in-person or one-on-one interactions; instead, it’s a book or a blog post that promises you something (more). Often times you weren’t even looking for it, yet you stumble onto momentary clarity or inspiration that makes you feel confident about which direction to head into next.

Therein lies the challenge though: these prophets with their prophecies may have enough disciples to validate what they are saying (and they may not be wrong), but you need to know how it aligns with who you are today. The sweet allure of a promising future and a “new you” if you were to follow these next three steps is what should stifle your momentum in following whatever prophet simply because it may need reverberate with all of - or at least, enough of - you.

Take heed from the prophets that cross your path. Engage them. Learn from them. Expand your perspective, knowledge and ideas. But do not blindly forsake who you are in favour of what someone else has proposed for you. Only you have should have that much power to express your truest self.

An extract from "Motion".
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