Having a Softer Focus

Sep 2016

When I left WooThemes, one of my goals was that I wanted to create a SaaS company, because I wanted to have the challenge of hacking the recurring revenue growth curve.<...> Inspired very much by "the startup way of thinking", growth hacking the shit out of a business just held such great attraction to me.

Until I got to the point where I was trying to hack growth.

And I struggled to do that. Which made me feel like shit and sometimes even made me feel ashamed that I couldn't report better metrics to Receiptful shareholders.

So I typed up a 2000-word rant about growth hacking, shared it with a friend for feedback and as I listened to his suggested tweaks, I realised that I didn't feel as strongly about the article anymore. Plus I had no desire to actually publish it.

It didn't however spark a realisation months later when I started learning about this idea of having a soft focus in my meditation. This idea that to find one's natural flow in the universe, we can't be too rigid in our focus.

Since then Receiptful has continued to grow, but in a way more random way. Sometimes faster than expected and sometimes slower. And mostly we can't even pinpoint where that growth has come from. Having a softer focus on all of this though, has helped me avoid that sensation where it feels like I'm pushing a rock up the hill every day. ;)

Cover artwork by Francis Taylor. Intro & outro music is "Warm Sunny Day" by sunchannelmusic.

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