How Anyone Can Create a Tech Startup

Jun 2013

I often talk to prospective entrepreneurs and startup founders who are on the edge of taking the plunge to work on a startup. But most of them never do because of a variety of reasons.

I hear excuses like "I'm not technical", "I can't find a co-founder", "I don't have time" or "I don't have the money". I could address each of those excuses on merit, but instead I'd like to suggest a really simple way for absolutely anybody to create a tech startup:

  1. Stop being in such a rush. You have much more time than you think you have.

  2. Teach yourself to code and build your own MVP. Even if you're a business guy.

  3. Can you possibly create an e-mail-first startup? Or how about creating a concierge MVP? Both are technically easy to execute.

  4. Learning to code & getting a MVP out there, might just help you find a technical co-founder.

  5. Stop being scared; all of us are scared. JFDI.

PS. Join me at PublicBeta, where successful and experienced entrepreneurs will teach you how to do some of these things. And more than that, be part of a community of entrepreneurs that are all working towards the same goal as you and have the same fears as you do.

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