Playing Your Own Game

Nov 2016

Earlier this week, we rebranded and relaunched Receiptful as Conversio.<...> This was ultimately a project that represented our own evolution and what we had learnt about ourselves in the last 2 years since we first launched.

See... In those two years, we had done quite a few things that weren't necessarily planned. We launched as a bootstrapped company with a paid-only product then switched to a freemium-only model, which meant raising $500k in a seed round all before we even had a feature set for which we could charge. And then we came to a fork in the road whilst raising our next round of funding, where the question was simple: Whose game do we want to play?

That was a year ago today and I'm incredibly proud with the decisions we've made since then, because they've all been about doubling down on who we are. Our rebrand was just a practical manifestation of the mindsets and culture that we had grown in the last year. It was almost as if the way we were communicating our business and ourselves to the world hadn't yet caught up with who we were already.

I don't think we're where we want to be just yet, but as a team, we have greater freedom today than at any stage previously in our journey. I feel that freedom so intimately every day. And it's growing too.

And this is at least partly down to our decision of playing our game, where we accept that we can't change external things, but where we can make our own rules, we will do that. It means being clear about who we are and why we do things. It means we have the opportunity to play a game, so why would we play someone's game with their made-up rules?

Cover artwork by Francis Taylor. Intro & outro music is "Warm Sunny Day" by sunchannelmusic.

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