Positive Impact

Nov 2016

I had an uncomfortable realisation earlier. The only minority that I've ever been part of, has been one of privilege.<...>

When I initially realised that, I was totally overwhelmed. Not in a way that I felt bad about myself or what I've done in my life thus far. But it I was suddenly very aware that I could and should be doing much more to just love more. Be more inclusive. Promote and enable unity.

An idea that has been very prominent in my life in recent months is one of having an impact. One of my primary pursuits of that impact has been how I've tried to change my work and business around to be family- or life-first.

Today I just feel that I have a responsibility in pursuit to that with even more fervour. I have an opportunity to make an impact.

Cover artwork by Francis Taylor. Intro & outro music is "Warm Sunny Day" by sunchannelmusic.

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