Significant Others

May 2014

Have you ever considered what it really means to have a "significant other" in your life?<...>

I'm often faced with the realisation that so much of my personal or individual success in life can be attributed to having the support of a significant other. For the past 5-odd years, that significant other has been my wife, Jeanne, who has always been willing to support my crazy ideas / decisions along with the failures and success.

And most of the times that required a compromise or a sacrifice on her behalf.

Beyond that though, I've realised that there's a more obvious way to pin-point that "significant other" in your. The "significant other" is that one person to whom you run with every piece of good news or - on the flip-side - when you need to make a really hard decision. They're always there first to say "Cheers!" with a glass of champagne or be the shoulder on which you quietly let go of whatever tough emotions you've been experiencing. And they obviously have this super power to sense immediately when you're not feeling well regardless of the bravado or facade you put up to the outside world.

No entrepreneur has ever been successful without having the support of a significant other (in whatever shape or form). I know that I wouldn't have had a fraction of the success I've had were it not for the many great people in my life and primarily, Jeanne, who has been omni-present throughout.

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