Take Only What You Need

Feb 2019
"Appetite won’t attach you to anything no matter how depleted you feel."

- Claudia Rankine (Citizen: An American Lyric)

When you discover something (help / advice / resources / support) that could help you solve your problem or overcome a challenge, take only as much as you need to take your next steps and make progress.

Don't take the whole thing or adopt the proposed outcome, unless that outcome is entirely aligned with your truth.

You need inspiration, ideas and impetus, along with ownership and accountability. It is still up to you to take your next steps and solve your problems.

Others' pre-packaged solutions will rarely fill all your gaps or tick all of your boxes. Your challenges are just too unique.

You can learn the technique, but there is only one Picasso.

So learn from every encounter and take only the bits that will be helpful on the next phase of your journey.

You don't need everything, because the weight of that expectation will wear you down. You need just enough to get you safely to the next pit stop.

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Capitalism or socialism?⠀ ⠀ I don't think either of these models / philosophies are perfect. As I have explored the world and my own thoughts / experiences in the last couple of years (while building my second business and figuring out how to best optimize it for my highest values), I continue to find myself somewhere in between these two (seemingly) polar opposites.⠀ ⠀ Regardless of how you visualize the spectrum or what the two opposite poles are, I think the true magic happens somewhere in the middle. Your truth and your magic can only ever live in the grey areas.⠀ ⠀ Black lines on white paper. White lines marking lanes on a road. Both of these are for a reason, but are inherently limiting in unlocking unique, individual magic. Society needs firm rules to be efficient.⠀ ⠀ I don't know about you though... My magic and truth needs a little more freedom to roam, be curious, explore and find the words and ways to manifest itself. ✨

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An extract from "Motion".
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