The Entrepreneur's Privilege

Oct 2012

I've been feeling incredibly blessed of late and feel that - as an entrepreneur and business owner - I have quite a few privileges. If I made a list of those today, these would be the recent highlights:

  • I get to hack my life, make my own rules and make things better.

  • Earlier this month I was in Boston for Business of Software and I got up at 6am to go for a run in the hotel gym. It was still dark out, but as I was running on the treadmill and looking out on a new, unexplored city, I just felt incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to get invited to speak at conferences like BoS and travel the world for my business.

  • We've had the whole WooThemes team (up to 26 now) in Cape Town the last couple of days and it's been amazing to spend time with my "work family". I'm privileged to be a senior member of that family and to be the "provider" (in a way), which helps my family pay their bills and fund their lives.

I keep reminding myself of this, especially in times when I feel down and I feel like it's not all that it's cut out to be running a business. These privileges however underline the motivation for getting into business in the first place.

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