Tumblr -> WordPress

Feb 2011

As most of you know, I made the switch from WordPress to Tumblr and then back to WordPress last year. The second migration back to WordPress being a relatively painful & manual-date-entry experience. If I had waited a couple of months, that would've been so much easier...

WooThemes launched our brand new Tumblr2WP tool last week, which basically exports any Tumblr account to WordPress and makes it immediately compatible with WooThemes' tumblog themes, as well as Express.app. Sweet. Heck, we even made it onto Mashable.

With more than 250 Tumblr accounts already exported since launch on Friday, I'd think that there's quite a few people that wants to marry the flexibility of WP with the awesome publishing experience that Tumblr has popularized in the last year or so. And this is exactly what we've been trying to create and enable at WooThemes: we wanted to replicate as much of the great functionality that has made Tumblr popular on our preferred platform (WordPress) and then give you the opportunity to decide which of these platforms you wanted to use.

If you haven't yet and have a Tumblr blog at present, have a look at the new tool and consider a switch...

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