"You Have the World at Your Feet"

Aug 2013

I was sharing breakfast (literally) with my son this morning whilst drafting an e-mail which should have a major influence on our family's (and ultimately, my son's) future.

At one point during that e-mail, Adii Jr was being cute and I turned to him to say: "Do you know that you have the world at your feet?"

Whilst he obviously has no idea what I'm working on or what that even means, I felt a sense of pride being able to tell my son that. I guess most (all?) parents have the ambition to create a better life for their kids than the life they had themselves. It's about progression.

As I said those words though, I also realised that I'm not exempt of that sentiment. I also have the world at my feet.

Yes, my son is almost 2 years old, which means I'm 26 years ahead of him already. Seen in a certain light, I've "lost" 26 years to make the world my bitch.

But from a "glass-half-full" perspective, I have X many years yet to pursue and achieve whatever my heart desires.

Looking at my son, I can see him developing and I can see his personality and character traits refining / maturing. I know now that he is gonna be an awesome kid growing up and hopefully he'll achieve everything that he sets his heart and mind to one day.

That excites me immensely; not just because he has such an adventure ahead of himself (and that I get to share in that), but that very fact reminds me that I have such an adventure ahead of me too.

I want to try and experience so many things. I want to make loads of new mistakes and - importantly - learn from them.

PublicBeta is only my next pursuit. It won't be my last.

The world is at our feet. And I'm definitely taking a few massive swings for the fences just because I can.

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