Your Competitors Are Making It Easy For You

Mar 2013

I've seen many odd e-mails from (odd?) customers over the years, but to this day, I'm always most surprised when I see e-mails that includes snippets like these:

  • "Wow! You got back to me!"
  • "Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I thought that I was just sending my e-mail into a blackhole."
  • "Thanks for helping me out & answering all my questions. My previous experiences trying to get help from software companies have been really bad."

In an age, where every Tom, Dick & Harry is saying that their companies are offering their customers good service, I'm surprised to see customers with so many scars relating to previous experiences. I mean, I think we treat our customers well at Woo, but we're in no way perfect; yet they really appreciate the experiences they have with us.

I don't need to speculate on what other companies are or aren't doing with regards to customer service; all I know is that there's still large amounts of customers that have had exclusively bad experiences with other companies in the past and by giving them a good experience, you are being their breath of fresh air.

Take the chance, stop focusing on other aspects of growing your business and just use customer service as a competitive advantage.

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