Your Heart is a Weapon

Jun 2013

I was out for dinner last night and the restaurant had a fantastic (beautifully designed) poster on the wall that read:

"Your heart is a weapon the size of your fist. Keep fighting. Keep loving."

I love this, because I believe that everything in life (and especially our dreams, goals and ambitions) starts with ourselves. Which in turn makes our heart - the source of the passion and the fire - a vital cog in the machine that drives our pursuits and exploits.

I also love the reminder that we should always keep fighting. As long as our hearts are beating, we are in with a (fighting) chance of surviving and achieving. (Pun intended.)

My dad always told me (when I was a kid): "You can't keep a good man down.". It's that never-say-die attitude that I believe separates successful and happy people from the wannabe's and pretenders.

Always keep fighting the good fight.

And keep loving.

I know after a long day of fighting (whatever good fight it is that I'm fighting at the time), all I want is to go home, be with my family and love. Without that ability to love, no amount of fighting would ever feel worthwhile.

Your heart is a weapon the size of your fist.

PS. Join me in fighting the good fight in helping entrepreneurs succeed over at PublicBeta.

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