African Cartel

By now you should know that I have a massive passion for social good and more specifically business that are in business to do social good »

Robot Artists

This is a need-to-watch short film for the launch of African Cartel.More information about the film here. »

AE: Contributors Update #7

I'm incredibly excited today to announce that Aboard Entrepreneurship's 55th contributor is investor and entrepreneur, Brad Feld. Brad's addition to the contribution team - along with »

AE: Contributors Update #6

Something really cool has happened recently with regards to the contributors for Aboard Entrepreneurship: it has gone somewhat viral. :) A couple of the new contributors that »

AE: Contributors Update #5

We've managed to pin down 50 awesome contributors to Aboard Entrepreneurship and along with the almost 1000 of you that have signed up to the newsletter »

AE: Contributors Update #4

I'd just like to announce a whole new batch of awesome contributors to Aboard Entrepreneurship: Tom Preston-Warner, GitHub Steve Huffman, Hipmunk Andrew Hyde, Ex-TechStars Dave Greiner »

The Not-So-Happy Start to 2011

Ever since starting The Rockstar Foundation at the back end of 2009, it's been quite a bit of a struggle to get to sustainability. Whilst we're »

AE: Contributors Update #3

39 authors for Aboard Entrepreneurship. Here's a quick look at the new additions: David Hauser, founder of companies such as the Grasshopper Group & Chargify, aimed »