About Adii

I'm a life-first entrepreneur who writes.

I'm also not a great fan of labels. For as long as I can remember there has been three labels which I have strived to achieve and make my own: family man / dad, entrepreneur and writer. Looking back at my journey, I can find evidence where I accelerated my pursuit of these things, even when it wasn't the most prevalent path. Hindsight is an exact science, right?

I have also valued learning and regard myself is a seeker. Today that mostly manifests itself in the way that I try craft my life and business with my highest value in mind: my family. Doing so has been a journey of self-discovery, making mistakes and re-connecting with the artist in me. Less science, more art.


I'm an impulsive writer and I always write for myself first: writing has been one of my best, therapeutic tools over the years.

When I share my writing, it's because I am seeking connection and I hope that someone learns or realizes something that could contribute to their own journey. I also write as a way to leave a legacy and breadcrumbs for those that want to learn more about me.

In the past, I have published two books: Rockstar Business and Brandiing (free download from the archives). In future, I'd love to be a "traditionally published" author too. It just feels like I have a couple of books in me. 🤓

My latest book, Motion, is also my first collection of poetry. Motion is a somatic journey and is dedicated to poems about the challenge of creating something of value and putting oneself out there without selling out or losing oneself. Grab it on Amazon (Kindle or paperback).


My current commercial gig is CM Commerce after Campaign Monitor acquired Conversio in August 2019.

Conversio, which I founded in 2014, and where I'm trying to do things a little differently. It is also through my experience in building Conversio that I stumbled onto this idea of creating a business that could be life- and family-first.

Before Conversio, I co-founded WooThemes way back in 2007 when I was still calling myself "Adii Rockstar" (a quick Google should guarantee a good laugh). Before, in-between and alongside Conversio & Woo, I have worked on many other projects / ideas / startups that just didn't work out (this was the highest profile shutdown of one of them).


A random collection of things that I love: