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Adii Pienaar

Family man, seeker and learner. Revealing my inner-poet. Conversio is my current gig (previously co-founded WooThemes.).

About Adii

I'm a life-first entrepreneur that writes.

I'm also not a great fan of labels. For as long as I can remember there has been three labels which I have strived to achieve and make my own: family man / dad, entrepreneur and writer. Looking back at my journey, I can find evidence where I accelerated my pursuit of these things, even when it wasn't the most prevalent path. Hindsight is an exact science, right?

I have also valued learning and regard myself is a seeker. Today that mostly manifests itself in the way that I try craft my life and business with my highest value in mind: my family. Doing so has been a journey of self-discovery, making mistakes and re-connecting with the artist in me. Less science, more art.


I'm an impulsive writer and I always write for myself first: writing has been one of my best, therapeutic tools over the years.

When I share my writing, it's because I am seeking connection and I hope that someone learns or realizes something that could contribute to their own journey.

In the past, I have published two books: Rockstar Business and Brandiing (free download from the archives). In future, I'd love to be a "traditionally published" author too. It just feels like I have a couple of books in me. 🤓

Right now, I'm working on my first collection of poems - called Motion - that I plan on publishing in early-2019.


My current commercial gig is Conversio, which I founded in 2014, and where I'm trying to do things a little differently. It is also through my experience in building Conversio that I stumbled onto this idea of creating a business that could be life- and family-first.

Before Conversio, I co-founded WooThemes way back in 2007 when I was still calling myself "Adii Rockstar" (a quick Google should guarantee a good laugh). Before, in-between and alongside Conversio & Woo, I have worked on many other projects / ideas / startups that just didn't work out (this was the highest profile shutdown of one of them).


A random collection of things that I love:

  • Books (I read a lot)
  • Running (I've run a sub-4 marathon)
  • Manchester United (since 1995)
  • Wine (I have about 1000 bottles in my collection right now. I'm mostly a drinker and not collector of wine though.)
  • Beautiful, well-designed things (I own a couple of early Ryan Hewett that I'm particularly fond of)

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