Adii Pienaar

Family man, seeker and learner. Revealing my inner-poet. Conversio is my current gig (previously co-founded WooThemes.).

Making New Mistakes

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Adii Pienaar

Now working on Receiptful. Co-Founder & ex-CEO of WooThemes. Author of Brandiing. New Dad. Ex-Rockstar.

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Show; Don't Prove

Show up. Show your work. Show the change. Show yourself.

A Meditation On Ambition

I have observed my ambition fluctuate and morph in the last 3 years. This is what I have learnt.

A Human Future

The robots might not be taking over after all.

The mind latches
Narrow focus
Intense desire
Ruthless ambition
Missed expectation
Enduring discontent

I try again
No choice

Eyes focused on the North Star
Of ideas, ambition, obsession
Once the mind fixates
There will be no rest
For good or bad.
Tomorrow I will wake up tired.

Raising Anxiety

Where the bootstrapper tells you to raise some capital.

Business is becoming art again

For any entrepreneur to build a viable business, they needed to find and leverage some competitive advantage. And if that same entrepreneur wanted to scale their business, they would need to find something more akin to an unfair advantage (“one that cannot be easily copied or bought by your competitors”

The Missing Benefit of Slowth

WTF is Slowth? I thought I had invented a new word until Google revealed the ever-trustworthy Urban Dictionary already beat me to the punch. Seriously though, I'm going to use slowth as a portmanteau for slow growth as I try to communicate an idea here.<...> In the last


I always thought contentment was a state that one reaches. A specific point, marked on a line, that we can achieve after pursuing that goal over a period. As a result of my definition and understanding, I think feeling content has evaded me for extensive time periods in my life

Entrepreneurs and a false sense of freedom

Most - if not all - people that take up entrepreneurship do so in pursuit of freedom.<...> On the surface, this makes perfect sense: You work for yourself. You decide when and how you want to work. You travel and can work from wherever you want. You decide

Ambition is hard work

I have to say that I've been chasing my tail a bit and running around like a headless chicken since the start of the month. And all because of my ambition, which makes it challenging for me to prioritise all the things that I want to work on. Plus -

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