Life Profitability: The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success

In Life Profitability, Adii provides you with a new perspective for becoming self-aware, recognising your values, and understanding your impact. An enriched life and successful business are not mutually exclusive.

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"I’ve always wanted a business that supports my life not a life that supports my business. Adii’s book beautifully illustrates this by adding an important key performance indicator to your work: life profitability.”

Paul Jarvis

Bestselling author of Company of One

“Adii breaks down the myths of being an entrepreneur using his personal experiences as an example. His book also serves as a guide on how to find your own path as a modern entrepreneur. A must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs and those who are lost and looking for meaning from their journey.”

Hiten Shah

The most generous founder in Silicon Valley

"Don't read this book looking for answers. Read it because you want something much more valuable: to ask better questions. Adii's curiosity is contagious, and these generous field notes from his quest for personal and professional growth will aid you on your own journey."

Eliot Peper

Bestselling author of nine novels, including Bandwidth, Cumulus, and, most recently, Veil

"Entrepreneurs for too long have sacrificed relationships and quality of life to the altar of "success". Adii shows us how to have both at the same time."

John Doherty

Founder, Credo

“Having witnessed and lived by the creation of the theories contained within this book first-hand at Conversio, I am so pleased to see that other entrepreneurs now have a set of rules with which to shape their own life profitability. Adii explains the positive impact that life profitability has on those you work with. These uplift and support your team and encourages growth into and beyond the scope of their roles.”

Becs Kemm

Senior Product Manager, Conversio

"Life Profitability is the missing other half of the entrepreneur playbook. Adii lights a path forward where life is incorporated rather than sacrificed on the altar of hustle obsessed pop entrepreneurship culture. A must read for any entrepreneur with a desire to build true wealth, a sustainable empowered company culture, and an extraordinary life."

Chris Badgett

CEO of LifterLMS
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