I'm considering building something new with some friends. The idea touches on similar ideas I had years ago with PublicBeta, but I burnt out before making meaningful progress. Below is the manifesto for the new idea called Current, and at the bottom of the page you can sign up for pre-launch access.

As an entrepreneur, when you start a business, you create a ripple impact that can change lives, communities, and the world.

You are responsible for everything in your businesses, including defying the odds to go from zero to one, only to push a rock up a hill.

Challenge after challenge, you put on a brave face to inspire confidence in your team, customers, and investors. Your friends think you are living your best life. And you diligently carry the financial responsibility for your family.

But secretly, you are suffering alone and in silence.

Cookie-cutter frameworks and tactics have not solved your unique problems. Your investors’ care and help is limited to their financial interest. Podcasts with millionaires only make you feel shit for not being “further along”. You can’t afford the high-priced entrepreneur community membership (and you’re not even sure that the goal of “making millions more” aligns with your values).

Neither the meditation app, cold plunge, journaling, nor the 5 am wakeup have been the revolutions that the influencers tell you they will be. And frankly, you are burnt out from trying yet another magical intervention.

Current puts every unique entrepreneur centre stage by crafting a personalised support structure that prioritises their holistic well-being first. Current will do so with a multi-faceted offering:

For the last 15 years, we’ve built various businesses (bootstrapped and venture-backed) to various levels of success. We’ve had great seasons and bad. Sometimes, we thrived, and at times, we’ve also suffered in silence.

In building Current, we also prioritise our holistic well-being by creating the support structure to help us thrive in business and—more importantly—in life.

There are no businesses without entrepreneurs.

Let us help you build your business and life.

Adii and a few entrepreneur friends***

(***We're confirming the founding team at the moment. Some have obligations/contracts/ventures they need to get out of first, so I'm mindful of that process before revealing their identities.)

Here is the deal: