I have lived and breathed "software for ecommerce" for the last 15 years. First in co-founding WooThemes/WooCommerce (acquired by Automattic), then founding Conversio (acquired by Campaign Monitor) and most recently built Cogsy (acquired, details TBC).

Ecommerce continues to grow wildly and there are so many new tools and solutions that will be built for modern retail brands. I want to invest in and support the next wave of founders that will push ecommerce even further forward.

Want to co-invest with me?

A rising tide lifts all boats and I'd love to find like-minded, passionate people with whom I can co-invest. No minimums are required and I'll be optimising to co-invest individuals that add value, learning & deal flow.

Want to pitch me for an investment in your company?

My investment decisions skew towards the following preferences:

Current Investment Portfolio

Below is a collection of direct investments, as well as investments made via an ecommerce enablement venture fund (Long Ecommerce Ventures) that I run with a partner: