I have lived and breathed "software for ecommerce" for the last 14 years. First in co-founding WooThemes/WooCommerce (acquired by Automattic) and then founding Conversio (acquired by Campaign Monitor). Today, I'm building in the space again with my new gig, Cogsy.

Ecommerce continues to grow wildly and there are so many new tools and solutions that will be built for modern retail brands. I want to invest in and support the next wave of founders that will push ecommerce even further forward.

Want to co-invest with me?

A rising tide lifts all boats and I'd love to find like-minded, passionate people with whom I can co-invest. No minimums are required and I'll be optimising to co-invest individuals that add value, learning & deal flow.

Want to pitch me for an investment in your company?

My investment decisions skew towards the following preferences:

  • I invest only in "ecommerce enablement" SaaS and may extend this to adjacent spaces (like FinTech) if it supports digital commerce in some way.
  • I prefer pre-seed and seed rounds. The earlier, the better. Post-product and with some traction is preferred.
  • Geography or location doesn't matter and I'm also very comfortable investing in distributed teams.
  • I really like investing in founders that I can support, that I enjoy working with and from whom I can learn.

Current Investment Portfolio

Podia - Sell online courses, downloads, webinars, and community
Podia is your all-in-one digital storefront. The easiest way to sell online courses, downloads, webinars, and community no technical skills required. Try it free!
Govalo | Gift Cards for Shopify
Join Govalo as we reinvent the digital gifting experience
Home - EnquireLabs
Build your brand’s marketing strategy on proprietary post-purchase question streams your customers love.
Shipment Tracking for Shopify Merchants of All Sizes
Automated, State-Of-The-Art Shipment Tracking For Shopify eCommerce Businesses. The all-in-one post-purchase solution that turns one-time buyers into enthusiastic, life-long paying customers. Find out more!
Bazar is a platform that helps you start your own online shop for free, in minutes. You have access to thousands of trendy products that you can instantly add to your online shop and launch it in a click of a button!
VideoWise - Shopify’s Video Shopping Solution - TikTok | Instagram | YouTube
Shopify’s Video Shopping Solution. Convert More Visitors Into Customers With Shoppable Video. Upload or Integrate Seamlessly With TikTok, Instagram, And YouTube.
Recart - Messaging marketing for growing ecommerce stores
Recart lets online merchants forge automated customer connections and drive growth via conversational experiences. See what it can do for your brand.
Disputify - Refund Fraud Protection
Through smart analysis of your customer data, we leverage millions of data points in our network to alert you of risky customers.
The Command Center for Modern Omnichannel Brands
Buy now, pay later. Split in 6.
Vela - Optimize your ecommerce business like never before
Manage, optimize, and grow all your shops, across multiple ecommerce channels, though a single Vela account
QR Codes for Better Product Registration, Reorder & More | BRIJ
With one-touch, BRIJ allows consumers to gain product info, care instructions and discounts while you gain a deeper understanding of your consumer. Apps, paper manuals and hassles not required.
Atlas Commerce
Next Generation Ecommerce for Manufactures and Distributors
Collect Africa — for one-off and recurring payments
Payment. Simplified. Collect is the simplest way to collect payments from customers online and offline. Free Business account and best customer support.
Topship Africa: Local & International Delivery Service
Topship Africa: Local & International Delivery Service
Building global infrastructure for African Fintech | Bloc
We’ve developed the best APIs that allow Fintechs and other organizations to offer banking and financial services to their customers.
Human-powered Conversational Texting | LiveRecover
Engage and convert your customers with care at scale through text messages powered by real people in real-time. Learn more about LiveRecover right here.
Home - ShopShops EN
Discover high-quality, affordable luxury designers and vintage finds from around the world through the magic of livestream shopping.
Boost - The Digital Insurance Platform
Boost enables companies in any industry to offer digital insurance products to their customers through a fully integrated experience that is embedded in their own front-end environment.

In addition to investing in ecommerce enablement SaaS, I've also grown my investment portfolio of DTC brands to further my learning by garnering insights from both sides of the detail (software providers and DTC founders/operators):

House of Wise Co.
Luxury, full-spectrum CBD products for women by women. All natural. gluten-free. and ethically sourced products from the U.S. A Wise Woman takes control of her sex, stress, sleep, strength, and wealth.
The next generation of refillable travel containers for your personal care and toiletries. Patent-pending, leakproof and highly durable capsules made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. Sustainable and easy to use.
#1 Solution for Excessive Sweating -
Duradry is the #1 solution for excessive underarm sweating. It’s safe, affordable and effective. Learn more about our hyperhidrosis treatment by visiting today!
Jambys: Performance Inactivewear
Super-soft unisex clothing designed for maximum comfort at home. Jambys are made for the best part of your day — your free time at home. Relax in proprietary sustainable fabrics that are breathable and light, yet still stretchy and plush. Come see why everyone loves their Jambys.
Huron - Performance men’s body, hair and skin care.
Premium personal care and skincare products without the premium price. Our high performance products are built from scratch using clean, effective ingredients, are never tested on animals, and are made in the USA. Upgrade your routine with high-quality men’s care products to keep you looking great a…
Ever/Body | New York
Medically tested. Expertly selected. Next to no down time. Our carefully curated products and dermatology services won’t have you looking new and improved, but you and improved.
MUD\WTR™: A Coffee Alternative
MUD\WTR is your new coffee alternative. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, mud gives you natural energy & focus without the jitters or crash. Mud is filled with adaptogens & organic ingredients lauded by cultures old & young for their health & performance benefits.
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