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Slower Mornings

We have two young boys (5 & 2) in the house and I can positively say that their random sleeping and (subsequent) morning routines has made it really hard for me to stick to my own morning work routines.<...> This has been especially hard on me, because I'm

The Obstacle is the Way

I started Exhale by sharing my very first exhale experience when I realised that my life - and especially my work / business - felt like I was pushing a rock up the hill.<...> That sensation and the fact that I had become unhappy and tired in doing so,

I don't believe in work/life balance

We often hear about why work/life balance is important, how a few people are successful at achieving it (survivorship bias much?) and mostly how the majority of the world just struggles with this.<...> I used to be that hamster on that wheel too. In February this year,

Having a softer focus

When I left WooThemes, one of my goals was that I wanted to create a SaaS company, because I wanted to have the challenge of hacking the recurring revenue growth curve.<...> Inspired very much by "the startup way of thinking", growth hacking the shit out of

Learning to exhale

The path I took to create this episode - and maybe the podcast as whole, but to a lesser extent - might have a bunch of different names: freestyling, intuitive and maybe slightly impulsive.<...> The one thing that stands out to be though is the fact that this

How to build a reputation in 150 easy steps

We all have a reputation.<...> What people know about you will either drive them towards you. Or away from you. The question is thus how to build the reputation that will be most beneficial to you? Or that will help you make progress towards your goals? I have

Why my life is not a journey

I'm always moving. Point A to Point B. Onto the next thing.<...> For my own benefit, I've had different labels for that motion. Ambition. Purpose. Entrepreneurship. Progress. Life. And I've often found myself at odds with that motion. Never truly happy or content or just present. In recent

A New Normal

Every now and again, what was normal before shifts and we find ourselves in a space called "a new normal".<...> This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, because as the adage goes, the only constant in life is change. What I think is interesting about those

Doing Good Work

Practicing greater mindfulness in everyday life has had a profound effect on me.<...> Initially though I struggled to reconcile the notion that I had to be present in the moment without: Getting stuck trying to connect past dots and relating that to the present; or Jumping to making

“Hey Software Maker, It’s Your Fault!”

“I know your software is broken. I tried to do this thing with it and it didn’t work. You should fix this; it’s totally your fault.” <...> I encounter this interaction often and in many shapes and sizes. Which is expected, because Receiptful isn’t yet a