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Go With Fear

I'm allowing fear to guide my decision-making.<...> In the last year, I allowed fear to to influence and (sometimes) dictate my decisions across all spheres of my life. I was vulnerable, trying to recover and fear didn't make my journey any easier. A quick glance at my blog

One Year Later: Unpausing & Relaunching

One year after pressing pause, I'd like to reflect on the journey: what's worked, what hasn't and the changes in-between.<...> You'd think that this would merely be an exercise in going over my notes and charting the route my year took, but it's seemingly not as simple as

The Sum of Its Parts

The whole might be greater than the sum of its parts, but startups are all about the individual parts.<...> Especially in the early days. I'd like to explain this by telling you the story of Waqas Ali, an entrepreneur whom I've never met in person, but for whom

I Don't Know

Building a business is a journey of learning.<...> Today I'm more convinced of this than ever before. I sometimes find myself almost hiding behind the bravado of making new mistakes, when in actual fact, I'd like to think that my experience as an entrepreneur that has built a

Startups For First-Time Entrepeneurs

Some types of products and startups are more likely to succeed.<...> Especially for first-time entrepreneurs. My article last week about what South African tech needs sparked a lot of attention (with even the slightly more mainstream media picking up on it) as I proposed an alternative perspective for

What South African Tech Needs

And it's probably not Bitcoin.<...> In the last couple of years, startups - especially within the tech sector - have (finally) been given a bit more time in the spotlight. I'd say that this has mostly coincided with endeavours like Silicon Cape and the passion of a handful

Founder (Il)logic

Because there is no pattern.<...> I can (should?) only speak for myself here in saying that the biggest parts of my life - as an entrepreneur and founder - resembles very little logic and a scattered pattern of decisions, ups, downs, successes, failures and things in-between. This frustrates

The 5 Characteristics of Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is probably not what you think it is and definitely not what the mainstream makes it out to be.<...> As an entrepreneur, I've only ever known one way to build a business: bootstrapping. That's probably for better or worse. Back in 2007 when I built the first

The Real Risk

Are you avoiding failure or pursuing success?<...> I've learnt a lot in the past year and I'm probably spot-on in my perception that I learnt more in the last year of my life, than I did in the 5 or 6 years prior to that. This applies especially

Shit Entrepreneurs Say

Google any business advice and you'll find contradiction.<...> They'll say don't raise funding and avoid the (current) bubble. Or that there's no way to build a million / billion dollar business by bootstrapping. They also say test and validate your ideas, because you really don't want to waste time