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Living a Full Life

"I'm busy." is probably the worst-ever response to "How are you doing?".<...> I've previously written about how saying "I'm busy" is actually saying much more than just those two simple words. As such I've developed a serious aversity to the notion of being busy and I admonish myself whenever

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Pressing pause on a startup is the hardest thing I've ever done.

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Silly Self-Censorship

Why don't I just say what I think?<...> My writing here has always gone through highs and lows. I also thought that I write more when I carve out the time (to do so), am in a generally positive frame of mind and / or feel like I have something

How Our Mailing Lists Grew From 0 to 3000+ Subscribers

In the last two weeks we launched two content products that helped us acquire more than 3000 e-mail addresses.<...> The two products that we launched are: Keep Your Friends Close & Your Customers Closer, a free e-book about how to increase customers' lifetime value; and ToughChit, a free, weekly

Beyond Most Others

Average is what average does.<...> I suffered from FOMO a little bit in the last couple of weeks... December in South Africa literally translates to holidays, endless sunny days, beaches, family, friends and cold beers. And for those unfamiliar with Cape Town weather, "endless sunny days" means daily temperatures

Go With Fear

I'm allowing fear to guide my decision-making.<...> In the last year, I allowed fear to to influence and (sometimes) dictate my decisions across all spheres of my life. I was vulnerable, trying to recover and fear didn't make my journey any easier. A quick glance at my blog and

One Year Later: Unpausing & Relaunching

One year after pressing pause, I'd like to reflect on the journey: what's worked, what hasn't and the changes in-between.<...> You'd think that this would merely be an exercise in going over my notes and charting the route my year took, but it's seemingly not as simple as that.

The Sum of Its Parts

The whole might be greater than the sum of its parts, but startups are all about the individual parts.<...> Especially in the early days. I'd like to explain this by telling you the story of Waqas Ali, an entrepreneur whom I've never met in person, but for whom I

I Don't Know

Building a business is a journey of learning.<...> Today I'm more convinced of this than ever before. I sometimes find myself almost hiding behind the bravado of making new mistakes, when in actual fact, I'd like to think that my experience as an entrepreneur that has built a successful