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Moonshots In Hindsight

A year ago, I thought we were taking a moonshot with Receiptful.<...> Today - with the benefit of hindsight - I can tell you that I'm not that convinced that moonshot was / is the most apt term to describe our decision a year ago. But what I do know

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Pressing pause on a startup is the hardest thing I've ever done.

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The Little Trick To Go Further

Regardless of how powerful your mind is, you can trick it to allow your body to go further.<...> This is another one of those life lessons that I've learnt from running and one that I implement often. I love running and I'm pretty fit (I can do a sub-55

One Trick Ponies & Persistence

I'm a one trick pony and my trick is my persistence.<...> That sentence might sound way simpler and more humble than I intend for it to sound, but the core of the message is spot-on: If I could singly out only one thing that I think has contributed most

Why Monthly Investor Reports Matter

And probably not for the reasons that you expect either...<...> My steepest learning curve this year has been related to the intricacies related to fundraising and investors (something which was alien to me before as a bootstrapped entrepreneur). One of the new disciplines I've learnt has been to send

Why A Bootstrapper Raised Venture Capital

I started working on Receiptful in May last year and never considered that a year later I’d have a team, a product without revenue (but with a lot of traction) and would’ve just announced the closing of our seed round.<...> Why not? Because bootstrapping has always been

Do Not Fuck This Up

We all make mistakes and our journeys are imperfect, which means that merely avoiding fucking up (badly) is sometimes the path to success.<...> I think about this often in the context of our journey with WooThemes, where we made so many mistakes along the way and that after 6

Early-Stage Customer Support

The most difficult time to support customers is when everything (your startup, product and team) is new.<...> This is mostly down to three reasons: The To Do list is way bigger than the actual amount of human hours, focus and energy that is at your disposal. (And many startups

The Three Small Changes That Created 81% More Active Users

One of the biggest challenges we've had at Receiptful has been to get our users to switch their receipts to Live Mode.<...> Receiptful works a lot like Stripe in that sense: you sign up, connect to your store, set up your receipt template, test that it's working fine and