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The Problem With Ideas

I don't believe in great ideas. I believe that some ideas are better than others though. And in that sense not all ideas are ever created equal. I also believe that some ideas are just downright shit. Herein though lies one of the fundamental flaws of ideas though: As an

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Pressing pause on a startup is the hardest thing I've ever done.

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Startups Are Getting Easier. Entrepreneurship Isn't.

Today, it's easier to start a startup than any other time in our history. And it's likely only getting easier with each passing month. We have so much information about what works and what doesn't. Founders are sharing their stories of success and failure in the spirit of enabling someone

How do I know this is a good idea?

Note: I originally wrote this article just prior to pressing pause on PublicBeta. In hindsight - and reading this - I can totally see how obvious the things were that I was battling with at the time and how my own fears and uncertainties translated into questions like these. That


“How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it.” ~ Paulo Coelho (Tweet This) Opportunities are oddly binary in the way they always seem to work. An opportunity presents itself. Or it doesn't. You take an opportunity. Or you pass on it. You wish you had an opportunity

Glasses Half-Full

I'm my own, worst enemy. And my harshest critic at the same time. Ask me about my success and I'll often tell you that I'm a one-hit wonder. And whilst that one-hit has been a big hit, I now have 4 relatively significant failures under my belt. This is however

Are We Failing Too Fast?

As startup entrepreneurs, we are constantly reminded that we should be failing as fast as possible. That failing - whilst obviously secondary to succeeding - is seen as a "feather-in-your-cap"-type achievement, because we're learning and hopefully that learning leads to better execution. Nothing wrong with that and the notion

Never Ask Permission

If you meet me for the first-time, I always hope that you'll at least find me somewhat likeable. Beyond that though, you'll like find me to be opinionated, self-assured (or a tad arrogant depending on your perspective), strong-willed and a bit of a rebel. That last bit is important to

Beware The Me-Too

I've been thinking about this a lot this past weekend and I'm still actually kinda amazed at how prevalent this is... I mentioned last week that I had sent a "How can I help you?" e-mail to about 900 people. The first thing I noticed was that many people wanted