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Getting Dirty

Sometimes the end justifies the means.<...> I'm a neat freak. At least when it comes to my work. My workspace is generally tidy. My digital stuff is structured, organized and efficient. I'm obsessive about keeping clean inboxes and to do lists. And that list goes on. All of this

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Pressing pause on a startup is the hardest thing I've ever done.

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Achieving Fulfillment

How do you achieve fulfillment?<...> I was recently part of a conversation about the pursuit of fulfillment. And especially, how fulfillment is very different to achievement. The latter being something that is easier to gain and recognize; mostly because it's something that can be checked off a list somewhere.

The Time To Invest

Clever people don't call compound interest the 8th Wonder of the World for no reason.<...> You know me: I talk about red wine - and especially drinking it - quite a bit. Beyond using running as a regular metaphor in my writing, I probably mention my obsession with red

What Are The Odds?

And are they really stacked that much against entrepreneurs?<...> One of the things that I've been very conscience of in the last year (and as a second-time founder) was my perception of how much the odds (of success) were stacked against me. Depending on who you'd like to believe,


In a game of cowboys and crooks, nobody started out validating the very obvious threat.<...> I have been trying to systemize the process of entrepreneurship. I have been seeking that magical 1-2-3 step formula that I can successfully replicate from one venture to the next, in a way that

Significant Others

Have you ever considered what it really means to have a "significant other" in your life?<...> I'm often faced with the realisation that so much of my personal or individual success in life can be attributed to having the support of a significant other. For the past 5-odd years,

Making SummaList: 1 Week & $125 MRR Later

I'd love to share the why, how and lessons learnt in making SummaList.<...> The title of this post might not be the most notable that I ever write. Neither is it the kind of stuff that follows any kind of Upworthy best practice. But the title is 100% truth

That Moment The Dots Connect

This serves as a reminder that we're only ever able to connect the dots looking back.<...> In his Stanford Commencement Address in 2005, Steve Jobs famously said: "You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the