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Startup Monopoly

I'd like to build a simulation game about tech startups for wannabe entrepreneurs and investors.<...> My problem is that I have too many ideas at present, which means the gap between any one of those ideas and actually executing on them is growing. That, and the fact that I

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Pressing pause on a startup is the hardest thing I've ever done.

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Moving From Idea To Action

Having ideas is the easy part. Actually doing anything about those ideas is ever-so-slightly harder.<...> This is something that I've been pondering recently, until it struck me this morning. The only way to move from idea to action is to close the gap between the two as quickly and

The Joneses' Trap

Because trying to keep up with these bastards isn't already enough (of a challenge).<...> It's been 23 days since the last article I published here. And it's not for lack of ideas or words that I'm only getting around to publishing this now. Nope, instead I fell into a

A Life Less Risky

If you had the chance to remove all risks from your life, would you take that opportunity?<...> This is what a really great friend asked me last week over lunch and my immediate answer wasn't all that surprising. "No, I wouldn't." In fact, I kinda like risks. Not in

Starting Somewhere Else

Everyone seems to be "working on a startup".<...> Some of these people actually are working on a startup, whereas others are just following a trend and proclaiming this fact. And those individuals that are doing neither of these, are probably secretly dreaming and wishing that they'd be startup entrepreneurs

I'm Inspired By Wantrepreneurs

Not all inspiration is created equally.<...> In my journey as an entrepreneur, I've made so many incredible people: founders & entrepreneurs that have built amazing businesses far beyond my own achievements. Individuals who have been incredibly generous with their time, support and advice. Individuals who have been happy to

Entrepreneurs, Sports Fans & Irrational Behaviour

Being a spectator at a sports game is a weird thing.<...> You've made the decision to invest your time to watch the game. You do so, because you enjoy your team winning and them winning is almost the reward for you supporting them. The weird thing about that is

Startup Activity

I always thought that I'd be a management consultant.<...> I loved the idea that I could be in and out of another business every couple of months. I could see the cogs move, be exposed to their dirty laundry and I'd then have the challenge of making everything better