Crash Test (Woo) Dummy

You'll see that this is the 3rd design that I'm featuring here in the last couple of weeks and it's only significant, because they've all been »

The Designer Startup

The video from the “The Designer Startup” talk at DIBI in April. (Slides here.) »

WooThemes Inspire

Inspire is the awesome new business theme from WooThemes. »


Some more great content right up the alley which I’ve been researching of late. »

Back Buttons

This makes a lot of sense and the trick is probably in having a great conversion rate from those “random” visitors to your website »

EECI2010 Slides

Preview of my slides for EECI2010. »

Crazy Kids

Crazy kids. »

The Three Ways That Good Design Makes You Happy

Doing some research work on “designing a user experience” and stumbled onto this amazing TED talk by Don Norman. Do watch “The Three »