Tumblr: Justified


So yesterday I had the opportunity of meeting up with the Tumblr crew and beyond being an awesome bunch of people, I also got some insight into the company / platform / community that they are busy building.

When I moved over to Tumblr in March, I had a few “concerns” about the changes I would need to accept in comparison to what I got used to over the years with WordPress. Today though, I can honestly say that my decision to move has been justified over and over again and after the insight that the crew shared yesterday, I think my decision will continue to reap benefits.

Here’s why I love Tumblr at the moment:

  • It’s not a platform and it’s not a CMS; instead it’s a community where I’m enabled to share cool stuff with cool people.
  • The ideas they are implementing with regards to monetization is extremely unique and I’m loving the opportunity to watch this journey & business model unfold from the sidelines.
  • There’s a buzz about this place and as a result I’ve made quite a few new friends.