A Different Way


Better: A different version of what "success" could look like.

"Of all the gifts I could give you, I choose to give the ones I needed when I was in my darkest moments. You see, we all walk different paths, but there is one tragedy that all of us share: the struggle to be ourselves in a world that wants us to be anything but ourselves."

- Najwa Zebian (Mind Platter)

If you only want guaranteed success in whatever you pursue, there are many guides, scripts and playbooks that can get the trick done for you. That is, assuming you have a half-decent idea with half-decent execution, patience and perseverance.

This is also pretty boring and generic though. Follow this path and you will be a success like "that famous person" or so-and-so.

Alternatively you could follow the path of the eccentric maverick who bets it all on black in a moonshot attempt to disrupt the status quo for the next couple of decades. The stuff of legends and geniuses. An ambitious and appealing route, albeit one that is a little too "boom or bust" for most of us.

Perhaps there is an in-between option?

One where you remix the status quo aligned with your most unique self. An approach where you just try be incrementally different; where you believe that there is a version of better that doesn't require you to bet the house. This approach has more fun and passion than the alternative. It is one aligned with your highest values. And it might just be you.

An extract from "Motion".