eCommerce Comeback?


"eCommerce" is one of those pre-2000 Dot Com bubble-related words, that lost most people a lot of money. And whilst the concept of buying things online have continued to grow + evolve in recent years, it seems that eCommerce itself has never been able to shake that pre-2000 bad vibes & stigma.

In the last 8 years, search traffic is down drastically and doesn't look like it has quite recovered. News mentions are however steadily on the rise, which seems to mirror the success that eCommerce platforms have been experiencing of late:

Square is revolutionizing the way retailers accepts payments and have managed to obliterate the gap between online & off. Shopify continues to lead the way with some impressive stats from 2011. In the last couple of months we've seen some even simpler platforms launch (Gumroad, InspirePay, Goodsie) - some of pockets full of VC backing - to make the process & experience of selling stuff online even easier. Going into the WordPress vertical, I can also say that within only 6 months, WooCommerce have become a significant part of our business & overall revenue.

If I had a few eggs left, I'd put it in this basket.