Great Success in the Minor Victories


I just finished answering a handful of WooThemes support e-mails and realized that one of the reasons for WooThemes' significant growth & success has been our focus on the minor victories.

See, I could've left those e-mails unanswered for a couple of answers and then Ryan (our Community Manager) would wake up and attend to those e-mails. But instead of making the customers in question wait for another 4 / 5 hours, they received a response much, much quicker and hopefully I was able to resolve their query. That's a minor victory.

In the big / significant victory is just the culmination of these minor victories. Every single time that we manage to help an user with a turnaround time of 30 minutes, instead of 6 hours (which is more than acceptable), we have a minor victory. Plus, we put that user in the position to tell the whole Twitterverse how awesome WooThemes is.

Now imagine what happens when 40 000 users experience these minor wins...