Hype & Signing up like sheep


Before going to bed last night, I noticed quite a bit of chatter & linking to this beautifully crafted landing page (also pictured above). Most of the chatter centered around what this could be, yet that seemingly quickly faded in favour of how sexy the design (erm, lady) was. This reminded me of another little project called Hipster that got 10k+ user signups in 2 days without revealing what it actually does.

Everyone hates spam and sensitivity about online privacy is probably at an all-time high, so if you are given a company your personal details (even if it is just your e-mail address), I can only assume that you are afraid to miss out. That in my opinion draws similarities with how sheep blindly follow each other, without question the validity of the group's decision.

In both these cases, I think their marketing campaigns are superbly executed and they've managed to generate loads of hype without revealing what they do. I don't have a problem with this at all. This does however give us a bit on insight on how we interact online and how we'd rather follow like sheep in fear of missing out.

Am I being harsh in my opinion? Have you given your personal details away like this before?