I hate feeling like things are in limbo; especially in business. I guess this is a natural consequence of the fact that I'm not the most patient guy you're likely to ever meet.

At the moment, it feels like we're working on 4 / 5 of the biggest projects ever at WooThemes. And with release dates being very unclear, even though they're imminent, we're holding off on announcing the details of these projects to avoid having pie on our face if we miss promised launch dates.

These are the kind of projects that will change WooThemes and it will greatly influence our strategies moving forward. These aren't just the announcement of a couple of new features or just the addition of a new business segment. These truly are the kind of things that - as an entrepreneur - you get incredibly excited about.

The problem is that whilst we're "secretly" slogging away at wrapping up the final tasks before launching these projects, everything else seems insignificant and in limbo. We're still handling the routine stuff as well and making progress beyond just these projects, but it feels like announcing those things feels so inferior to the bigger fish that we are frying behind the scenes. The whole of WooThemes feels like a slow news day at present, even though it's probably the most exciting period of our history thus far...

How would you handle this kind of limbo?