My Wife, The Entrepreneur

Today marks a new beginning and a very special time in my wife & my (but especially my wife's) life: Jeanne officially started trading in her new business (a bricks & mortar retail + services store) today.

In the last 2 years, I've witnessed Jeanne marrying me & becoming the best wife any husband could ask for. She quit her corporate job at a law firm and established her own boutique legal agency to much success. Then she put that on the backburner to take care of our new-born son, adapting to her new role as "best mom in the world" seamlessly.

So with Adii Jr growing up nicely, Jeanne started looking at business opportunities a couple of months ago (deciding on a new avenue and not returning to her legal roots). It took quite some time for the right opportunity to pop up and I witnessed my wife frustrated with the search & waiting at times, but she continued to amaze me with her patience, perseverance, ambition & drive.

Today I'm proud to call my wife a true entrepreneur & business owner. I've watched her evolve her business skills & knowledge in the last 2 years and I'm constantly surprised by her perspective within any discussion about business.

It's just been such a fun, rewarding & intimate experience being on this journey with Jeanne in the past 2 years. And on top of that, I'm incredibly excited to see how this new chapter develops.