Show; Don't Prove

personal values

Show up. Show your work. Show the change. Show yourself.

Often I set myself goals that requires me to "prove" something.

"Prove that I can do this and be successful."

"Prove that I am good enough."

Or after my WooThemes exit... "Prove that I'm not a one-hit wonder that just got lucky."

The challenge with this narrative is that it is exhausting and self-defeating, because I am unlikely to prove anything (beyond reasonable doubt). I am a sample size of one with no statistical significance. My story and journey is more fiction than fact.

I am also mostly not even proving something to others (let's face it: other people don't care about me that much), as much as I am proving this thing to myself. I inherently already know my (own) truth even when I believe I have to prove that truth.

A better way of seeing this is to just show; not prove.

Show up. Show your work. Show the change. Show yourself.

Showing is softer and it is an intimate reveal of something more important. It is not a forceful push to advance an agenda or to convince beyond reasonable doubt. It just is what it is.

Showing also has no finite end-goal in mind. It's just your work of art on the wall. Available to be admired and enjoyed. Open to anyone's interpretation. No need to draw conclusions; you are just part of the ongoing conversation.

How will you show up today?