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Bootstrapping: Don't reinvent the wheel. Hack instead.

I'm a firm believer that perfection doesn't exist and even less so for a new startup. When it comes to startups, I think the "Done is better than perfect" mantra fits perfectly. And if a startup holds that mantra close to heart, it should result in something that resembles Mark

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Pressing pause on a startup is the hardest thing I've ever done.

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Bootstrapping: Spend money on seemingly unnecessary things

I guess this is likely the most obvious thing I can say about bootstrapping or running a lean startup: it seems that the obvious thing to do is to cut away all of the unnecessary expenses and only spend money on things that are needed in furthering the business. Yet

Bootstrapping: Launch Using Your Personal Profile

This is the second post in my "Bootstrap Mondays" series. Read last week's post, Revenues & Momentum is Everything, first. Bootstrapping obviously works best when you don't have loads of expenses & overheads burdening you down. One of these expenses that seems unavoidable in a startup, is marketing-related expenditure. Regardless

Bootstrapping: Revenues & Momentum is Everything

For the next couple of weeks, Mondays will be "Bootstrap Mondays" on the blog & I'll try to share some insight into how we've bootstrapped WooThemes to the size & significance it is today. Way back in 2007 (2 November 2007 to be exact) when I first released the original

Why We Bootstrapped WooThemes

Obvious answer: we had no money and probably didn't know enough or think far enough to consider outside funding (not that I think we would've gotten it had we look for it). But seeing this post - Ten Highly Successful Bootstrapped Startups -  over the weekend though, reminded  about the

Starting Up Again

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering out loud whether I might just be a one-hit wonder. The fact that I did not share at that time, was that I had already made the decision to close down Radiiate (my 2nd business after WooThemes), after it didn't grow / evolve

Bootstrapped, Profitable, & Proud: WooThemes

This is a great write-up by the 37Signals crew about WooThemes which focuses on being bootstrapped and building a global business without any VC funding. If you’re keen to get to know WooThemes in any way, this post is a great start.