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I gave this talk at last week's WordCamp Cape Town and thought that I'd post some of the details here (a video of my talk should be up soon). As an introduction to my talk... I've been making money with WordPress for many years now and WooThemes is almost 4

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Pressing pause on a startup is the hardest thing I've ever done.

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How Viable is Content as a Business?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend over the weekend, about reading books. My friend - who is not as connected as I am - said he was still purchasing & reading loads of physical books, whereas I had to admit that it has been years since I last

Platforms are for Suckers

Great article from Mr Spencer Fry and one with which I greatly agree. The only proviso being that I’ve helped build a very successful business (WooThemes) on another platform (WordPress being the primary one), so I won’t be hypocritical. I’m less concerned about the

Doing Good is Good Business

I felt so inspired by this post and specifically loved this bit: These business models will leverage the passion of individuals, create networks and build communities. They’ll provide ways for people to connect, to build, to contribute, to give. They’ll let employees be people. They’ll build products

Bootstrap. That's all.

If you have ever wanted an authoritative article on bootstrapping your startup, then this one is just that. @spencerfry has immense experience in the field of bootstrapping startups and in this article he shares all of those valuable bits. So: read this! I think the reason that I love this

Pageview Pumping

Is pageviews even considered to be a business model these?