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The world would probably be a better place if all employees had this attitude towards their work, but instead the world is riddled with people who absolutely hate their jobs and just-just manages to contribute the minimum of which is expected of them.

Netprophet Slides

Here are my slides from my talk - Lessons Learnt from WooThemes - at NetProphet yesterday. If you’re not intrigued enough to view the slides yet, have a look at these compliments that I got via Twitter yesterday… Wow @Adii makes awesome slides. If his slides are

Regular Writing

I’ve taught myself 3 new disciplines this year: exercising, eating healthy & actually blogging. Quite happy to say that Cameron’s advice in this regard is spot-on and it has been the routine of doing stuff that I both enjoy & know are beneficial to me that

No Space for Complacency

One thing that I’ve learned over and over again of late is that there is absolutely no space for compromise & complacency when dealing with customers. These are the people that makes your business a success and they ensure that you are able to pay the bills; so

Personal (E-mail) Branding

Every time I get to sign off on an e-mail using ‘Adii’, I value that as an exercise of personal branding. The more prominent I can make my own brand and the wider the audience that gets exposed to the brand / word ‘Adii’, the more valuable

When Hard Work Ain't Really Work

Last week I was able to write a really long piece on being prepared to work hard. For my 3rd Project 52 post, I’d like to expand my thoughts on the matter of hard work and would like to explain why I don’t necessarily that I&

Prepare to Work Hard

I constantly get this feeling that other people tend to think that what I have achieved has been a fluke of some kind and that I have thus been extremely lucky to have gotten as far as I have until now. This is even evident in my own dad’

Idealism for 2010

For the last two and a half weeks, I’ve had basically no access to either my Macbook Pro or the interwebs, which meant that the only way I could collect some of my thoughts & ideas was with old-school pen & paper. Fortunately though, my new fetish is