Life Profitability Podcast

We live in a world that idolizes successful individual, but what do we really know about them, what makes them do the things they do or whether it is life profitable? Every week, Adii Pienaar hosts a conversation with an individual who is manifesting their uniqueness in this world with the things they create (whether that is entrepreneurship, art, writing, music or any other craft). The conversations curiously explore topics that relate to identity, values, labels, purpose, meaning and success.

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Dec 09
Ep20 - Silvia Mella | Rediscovering Passion with Green Tea
Dec 02
Ep19 - Leo Widrich | Finding Energy in Fear
Nov 25
Ep18 - Bunny Young | Throwing Starfish Around the World
Nov 18
Ep17 - Saray Khumalo | The First Black African Woman to Summit Everest
Nov 11
Ep16 - Amira Alvarez | Reprogramming Yourself for Success
Nov 05
Ep15 - Andrej Dukic | Industrial Designer and Creator of Maker Hand
Nov 05
Ep14 - Lora DiCarlo | It all Started with an Orgasm
Nov 05
Ep13 - Paddy Donnelly | Illustrating a Legacy
Nov 05
Ep12 - Nora Wendel | Living a Life of Effortless Pleasure
Nov 05
Ep11 - Andrew Wilkinson | Designing a New Way To Do Business
Sep 30
Ep10 - Catharine Dockery | Removing Stigmas and Reducing Harm in the Vice Industry
Sep 23
Ep9 - Megan Davies | Entering the Music Industry in the Age of YouTube
Sep 16
Ep8 - Sidra Qasim & Waqas Ali | From Pakistan to Y Combinator, Kickstarting a Vision
Sep 09
Ep7 - Tony Weaver Jr | Being Weird Enough
Sep 03
Ep6 - Brian Gardner | Less is More in Business, Life, and Design
Aug 26
Ep5 - Tshepo Mohlala | Solving Humanities Greatest Problems Using Startups
Aug 19
Ep4 - Sara Mauskopf | Transforming Childcare with Tech
Aug 12
Ep3 - Tim Van Damme | Unfair Moments of Opportunity and Leaving Space for Others
Aug 03
Ep2 - Marie Prokopets | Making a Change, Taking a Risk, and Quieting the Inner Critic
Aug 03
Ep1 - Eliot Peper | Making Sense of the World through Storytelling