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Solving Problems the WooThemes Way

I was a guest on the WordPress Community Podcast last night and had a lot of fun with the show’s hosts, Joost de Valk & Frederick Townes. We discussed a lot of the strategies & “policies” that we have implemented with WooThemes; especially with regards to

Ignore The Competition

I always keep tabs on what the “competition” is doing, as I need to make sure that my business innovate & grow in the right direction. So me keeping tabs here is more a way of watching out for potential trends that may develop and if takes a

What I Know Best

I’ve made a decision to stick to what I know best, as well as sticking to those people I know best. This may sound a little random, but it’s pretty unique in relation to how I see us growing The Rockstar Foundation & turning it into

Progress of the Platform

I’d say this is a tad arrogant from Steve Jobs & co, but it makes total sense and should lead to a continuous awesome experience on Apple devices in future (which is one of the main things that sets it apart from competing products). I can also say

No Space for Complacency

One thing that I’ve learned over and over again of late is that there is absolutely no space for compromise & complacency when dealing with customers. These are the people that makes your business a success and they ensure that you are able to pay the bills; so

Introducing Dribbble

Having been a beta tester at Dribbble for the last couple of months, I’ve been very impressed by what Dan & Rich have built and the above paragraph illustrates perfectly (in my opinion anyway) why Dribbble has been such a success.

App Marketing

This is exactly the same approach we follow at WooThemes and whilst we try to keep teasers / teasing / hyping to a minimum, I can definitely vouch for the fact that our conversions and the conversations are much better and more valuable from before. So if you’re not doing

Client Work (Part 1)

Ever since WooThemes established itself to such an extent that I could earn enough money from it to make a living thereof, I (Magnus & Mark made similar decisions with regards to their freelance activities) decided to call it a day for doing client work (which is why more than