Year One

A year ago my son was born. Today I get to have the privilege of celebrating the last year and this really significant milestone with him & my wife.

To say that it's been an epic journey would be an understatement. I'm sure most new parents would attest to the experience feeling similar to jumping into the deep-end of the pool and learning to swim on-the-go.

For me though, this year has been about rediscovering myself in all facets of my life: as a new dad, as a husband, as a family member, others' friend, an entrepreneur & business owner. Just discovering who the heck this Adii guy really is.

You would've seen me write about balance quite a bit recently and that's been a direct result of this journey of rediscovery that I've been on. A couple of months ago, I had to admit to myself that deep-down I was very unhappy (even though everything on the surface of my life seemed to be perfect) and that I had just become incredibly efficient in hiding the unhappiness and finding workarounds for it.

My son - "Little Bear Man" - effected that change. The influence he has had on me in the last year has been profound. No conversation that I've had with a friend, advisor or mentor in the past comes close to effect that my son has had on the way I see myself & perceive the world around me.

I've learnt the value of time. I've learnt to cherish those fleeting life moments by just being in them. I've learnt to be more patient and love unconditionally. I've learnt that sometimes a smile - regardless of the circumstances - is just the easiest way from point A to B. I've learnt that my life is bigger than just myself. [1]

Today, I'm a better man because of Little Bear Man's influence on my life.

Happy birthday my boy!

[1] Special thanks needs to go to my wife, for not only being patient with me and allowing me the space to figure this out, but also for being such a great mom, which enabled me to grow into the dad that I want to be.