500 Startups' Killer Content Strategy


Since 500 Startups - headed up by Dave McClure - announced its new Accelerator program, I've been following their blog where they've gotten the founders of their startups blogging about loads of different things. In one short summary, I think this strategy is absolutely brilliant.

It goes without saying that Dave McClure obviously has a lot of pull in the startup world, which is why 500 Startups have been successful in getting the kind of funding they have. Taking that a step further, as a result of Dave's reputation the media has been all over the launch of their Accelerator program and the 500 Startups blog is thus a perfect place for these startups to be getting some traffic (which is what they are getting by blogging on their).

But there's a flipside to this: this is also working out really well for 500 Startups. Content is still king and there's always a marketing strategy involved when you can create quality content, which is what the founders are doing. So in a very similar way in which we are using the audiences of the individual entrepreneurs contributing to Aboard Entrepreneurship (to generate traffic), 500 Startups is leveraging the experience and knowledge from their founders not only to build new businesses, but also to generate hype & traffic for the company. Brilliant!