AE: Contributors Update #7

I'm incredibly excited today to announce that Aboard Entrepreneurship's 55th contributor is investor and entrepreneur, Brad Feld.

Brad's addition to the contribution team - along with Mark Suster's (which we announced before) - represents a massive coup for our team and the project in my opinion. Here's a couple of reasons why I'm so excited to have guys like these involved in the project:

  • This project is about entrepreneurship and empowering upcoming entrepreneurs do be better entrepreneurs in the future by teaching them skills and inspiring them via the shared knowledge and experience of all of our contributors.
  • Guys like Brad & Mark have been there, done that and got a cupboard full of t-shirts. My dad always told me that there's no replacement for experience (I suspect he also used this - when I was younger at least - to keep me in my place) and the absolute wealth of experience that Brad & Mark will provide is immense. Heck, I can't wait to read there contributions!
  • As investors, Brad & Mark, have worked with so many different entrepreneurs on different businesses in different situations. In my mind there's no way that most of us can replicate that kind of exposure to multiple businesses & entrepreneurs, which means they're in a great position to be able to suggest that entrepreneurs that does A, B & C tend to be more successful than those going with X, Y & Z.
  • They're both great writers. If you're not reading their respective blogs, you'll probably have no idea why I'm as excited as I am to announce this...

We're fast approaching the second-phase of the project (a complete Kickstarter campaign with all of the appropriate details), but in the meantime sign up to our newsletter and we'll keep you updated.


AE: Contributors Update #6

Something really cool has happened recently with regards to the contributors for Aboard Entrepreneurship: it has gone somewhat viral. :)

A couple of the new contributors that has joined up in the last week, has taken the individual initiative to introduce us to some more awesome entrepreneurs and had recommended that they get involved with the project. As you can imagine it is pretty hard getting the attention of well-known people (like all of our contributors) as e-mail overload is a real issue for most of us, which is why these viral introductions & recommendations have been amazing!

Here's the 4 new contributors:

We're very close to having 1000 people signed up to the mailing list at this stage. Head on over to the site and sign up to be notified of the next phase of the project which will be launching soon.


500 Startups' Killer Content Strategy

Since 500 Startups - headed up by Dave McClure - announced its new Accelerator program, I've been following their blog where they've gotten the founders of their startups blogging about loads of different things. In one short summary, I think this strategy is absolutely brilliant.

It goes without saying that Dave McClure obviously has a lot of pull in the startup world, which is why 500 Startups have been successful in getting the kind of funding they have. Taking that a step further, as a result of Dave's reputation the media has been all over the launch of their Accelerator program and the 500 Startups blog is thus a perfect place for these startups to be getting some traffic (which is what they are getting by blogging on their).

But there's a flipside to this: this is also working out really well for 500 Startups. Content is still king and there's always a marketing strategy involved when you can create quality content, which is what the founders are doing. So in a very similar way in which we are using the audiences of the individual entrepreneurs contributing to Aboard Entrepreneurship (to generate traffic), 500 Startups is leveraging the experience and knowledge from their founders not only to build new businesses, but also to generate hype & traffic for the company. Brilliant!


AE: Contributors Update #1

After successfully launching Aboard Entrepreneurship yesterday with 10 contributors, we've been blown away by the initial interest in the project. Hundreds of people have signed up to the mailing list and there's a bunch of awesome people who've reached out to us to contribute.

We're up to 16 awesome contributors now and I'd like to just introduce you to them (as the site currently can't hold all of them):

Expect a couple of updates like this in the next couple of days. :)

Who would you like to see joining Aboard Entrepreneurship?

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