The Local Media Radar


So the local media radar (in South Africa) has been something that I’ve found relatively hard to crack, which has been somewhat surprising considering the success of WooThemes, which I helped to co-found. This is even more surprising if you consider that there aren’t many tech startups originating from South Africa and making a global impression. But hey - maybe your local market is the hardest one to crack after all…

Whilst I’ve been featured in the odd business-focused magazine here (as the representative of WooThemes’ success), nothing overly extravagant or mainstream has come my / our way. Until recently when I was nominated for Men’s Health’s Young Gun of the Year.

Considering how mainstream Men’s Health is, it’s an absolute honour to have been nominated and then also voted for as one of the three finalists for the award.

As anyone with an ambitious & competitive edge, I’d love to win this award (I don’t even know what I’ll win, but the kudo’s would be more than enough) and I‘m thus unashamed to ask you to vote for me. :)