Straining Your Own Support

customer service

Part of our massive overhaul of the WooThemes Dashboard last month, was to improve our support structures. Our aim is to deliver customer happiness & we felt that beyond the obvious willingness to do so, our structures needed to be better.

So we improved a major flaw in our old system: our notifications. We now send out a bunch of notifications to our users for different interactions within the WooThemes Dashboard and the one that is being used the most is the notification that a WooTeam Support Member has responded to a support ticket.

Perfect, right? Not quite.

We didn't realize this before, but by adding proper notifications to our system we essentially increased the velocity of our support. Greatly. So what happens now, is that as soon as an user is notified that there's been a response on their ticket, they come back to check on it and then in most cases posts a follow-up response. This means that users are not necessarily creating more tickets, but they're posting to existing tickets much faster, which in turn means that the number of unresolved tickets are growing significantly.

No good deed goes unpunished they say... By adding something to improve customer support, we've strained our own support structure & capacity. End-result... We're hiring. Again. :)