Building an Empire whilst having a 9-5 job

Hard work always pays off! :) »


Tweets like this makes everything so much more worthwhile. :) »


WooThemes is a predominately B2B business. We sell products to people that use them in their own businesses or for their personal projects; most of which has a direct or »

Sam Brown on Competition

Having never been overly worried about the competition, I absolutely love the ideas behind Endorse and I salute Sam + Mike for creating something really cool. I think that it takes »

Derek Powazek on 10 000 Hours & Open Mics


Optimization vs Creation

Mmmm… Had to re-read this a few times before it started to make some sense - to me anyway. Recently we’ve (Woo) been *very* busy trying to »


Just some inspiration. »

Ambition is hard work

Ambition & hard work goes hand-in-hand. One of the main reasons for my success thus far (and also for WooThemes), is the fact that we’ve never been afraid »